St Andrews Golf – a premier destination

It is true that golf isn’t the only reason that people come to visit St Andrews. But to be honest, few people ever leave without having heard about or experiencing golf at a St Andrews Links Course. The St Andrews Links is often considered the home of golf. St Andrews golf club otherwise known as St Andrews Links, is often referred to as the home of golf. Golf players both professional and amateur make pilgrimages to this bustling Scottish seaside town to play their favourite sport.

St Andrews Golf – Home of Golf

There is something about St Andrews that encourages golf pilgrims. The town has an almost magical attraction. The Old Course at St Andrews is the most famous golf course in the world. It has hosted some of the most famous golfing figures including Bobby Jones, Old Tom Morris, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. All of these big names are great title winners and fans of the various courses.

Gary Player, before he gained fame and recognition in this gentleman’s sport slept on the beach because he couldn’t afford a hotel room. That didn’t last long as he rapidly became a household name and future visits to the town meant that he could sleep in relative comfort. The course is one place that on non tournament days, visiting amateurs and pleasure golfers could find themselves rubbing shoulders with the big names.

Golf Shopping

No respectable golfer can visit St Andrews and not enjoy some shopping. Even once you’ve been to the shop at the main course, there is plenty of opportunity in town to buy a few memorable items. The kind you wont get anywhere else. Whether you’re a junior golfer, a lady golfer, a gent, an amateur or even semi Pro, a golf trip purchase is a must.

Family holidays

With that said when a family visits St Andrews fortunately there is much else to distract Mom and the kids, when Dad’s holiday obsession is the golf. The holiday accommodation available in St Andrews is of an exceptional standard and Dunperrogh is no exception. Catering for the discerning visitor, with a clean executive feel. Even golfing groups of up to six can book Dunperrogh to satisfy their regular fix on the golf course.