Ice Cream in St Andrews

For the seasoned visitor to St Andrews, forgoing the towns ice cream parlours could equate a tragedy. Ice cream in St Andrews has become much of a tradition for visiting Scottish families and new visitors discover this too. The influence of Italy in Scotland is noticeable.  Most of the ice cream is liberally dispensed by purveyors with Italian names.  Who would have thought. Top quality Italian ice cream in a Scottish resort.

Ice cream in St Andrews

Look out for Nardini’s. They are arguably the most famous Italian family producing ice cream in Scotland. With branches in Glasgow, Byres road and Troon on the West coast, they have become a household name. But Nardini’s do not hold the monopoly on ice cream in Scotland. There are other really good Italian ice cream spots to Visit in St Andrews too. Janetta’s Gelateria has become exceptionally popular.This place boasts the most reviews in the industry. Consequently if its going to be a hot day, be sure to get there early. Vegetarians will be pleased to know that they are vegetarian friendly too.

A piece of History

Whether you’re hoping for a rum and raisin or a plain vanilla there are so many to choose from. Making your selection feels like it could take forever too. Additionally the choice of toppings will have you trying to calculate the possibilities. Therefore if you’re not good at maths, beware of the ice cream shops! The Italian stores usually have some historic posters up on display. These will often relay the fascinating history of Italian Migration to Scotland. European migration has often been thought of in the context of movement from cold to warm climates. Consequently the move of Italians to Scotland may seem a little odd. Listening to people with obviously Italian names and surnames speak to you in a broad Scottish Brogue is entertaining for some.

The fantastic blend of Italian flavours and Scottish hospitality make a day trip exploring ice cream very worthwhile. perhaps the best things about the ice cream in St Andrews is that you can take it with when moving on to see something else. Whether you are moving on to the Botanic gardens or off to the country park at Craigtoun, the taste will linger for days to come.